I was a little confused at first, but I’ve since learned to walk and move along, and now here we are. No average, run-of-the-mill nonsense, but pure ridiculous nonsense. Think about it, chew it up a bit, and take it with you. Or hang for a few and let’s get from this relationship what we can. And by that I mean, what? Well, who can say for sure at this point, we’re just getting started.

So let us to be walking.

I use a French Press.

I studied computer science at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo . After many years of studying, socializing, beaching, and finally graduating, I realized I wanted very little to do with the world of computer science, so I went and found a job in the world of Affordable Housing. I’m not sure that it’s too different, because it’s still like going to work every day, but at least for now I can keep the computer world as my hobby world rather than my working world, and I can still go to work.

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