And Then There Was A Fresh Year Again

by JustinLL on 4 January 2012

Now therefore be it resolved, or so it goes, as we meander through 2012.  In no particular order…

Read more books.  (41 is the record, 52 the amount to surpass.)
Walk more steps.  (Effortlessly conduces healthy thinking.)
Just dance. [“Y’all don’t really want us to stop”]
Listen to more music, across a broader range.  (It’s just better that way.)
Stay in the Knowledge Game. (Or get left behind.)
Love. [Eaiser than it looks.]
Smile more.  (Because it feels good.)
Provide even more unsolicited advice.  (You are not alone.)
Write letters to people that don’t exist.  [Oh, right.]
Snap more photos.  (It’s worth it.)
Play often!  (Helps with the smiling.)

Share the cheese and ignore the typos.

I am JustinLL


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