Going Apple (not quite) Fanboy — Week 1

by JustinLL on 8 July 2011

Getting Started

Installation, or boot up I suppose, was a breeze.  I really thought I was going to have problems doing a first boot without having a wired keyboard connected, but much to my pleasure, both the keyboard and trackpad connected via bluetooth hassle free, and I was on my way.  Blah blah blah, and it booted itself fine, connected to the network, and I applied all the available updates, just as I would have with a winbox or linux distro.  As it sits now, I think it’s fully ready to receive Lion when it’s released to the wild.

But let’s keep this simple, and here we go…


All the usual freeware I’m used to on my other machines loaded up just about as nicely as I could have wanted.  I think some of it was through the Appstore and the rest I took directly from web sites.  It wasn’t too difficult learning thew Mac methods of installation.

A quick list of what I have so far (in addition to the standard apps that come bundled with the OS): Chrome (stable and canary), Dropbox, KeePassX, Evernote, Twitter (which is kind of a lame client, but I refuse to install flash just for TweetDeck), F.lux, VLC, and Sonos.  I also added Sophos Anti-Virus, but that is unique to Mac, and I haven’t used it on any other platforms.

We’re still undecided as to whether or not we’ll purchase MS Office or use iWorks from Apple.  Or maybe neither, and I’ll still full time with GoogleDocs.


Really not too much to say just yet.  All my network drives appeared and connected without a fuss.  I immediately searched for a list of keyboard shortcuts (for the OS and Chrome) and I’m in the process of learning those.  The machine is extremely quiet and hasn’t given me any guff.  I haven’t had too much time yet to really dive in, but now that I’m loaded up with software and everything seems to be in place, I think I can start test driving it full time.  My one primary concern is the RAM.

Until we meet again…



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