Going Apple (not quite) Fanboy — Week 2

by JustinLL on 15 July 2011

Moved the mini to my primary machine, mostly. Can’t totally write-off the windows box until I’m willing to spring for a Mac version of M$ Office, but I don’t see that happening any time soon, seeing as how I don’t use Excel that often. (But just enough.) The Debian box is officially off the desk and relocated to the closet. Still on the network, though, so it’s serving its primary Samba purpose.

Hardware Additions

2 TB G-drive

AirPort Extreme

I should connect the 2 devices, since they are kind of designed for that, but I opted to hook the G-drive directly to the Mac Mini via the Firewire port. It’s doing what I need it to do, and it’s clean, it’s quiet. (Strangely, though, the G-drive has a very bright light on the front that doesn’t make much sense. I get that it’s there to communicate with me, but it lights up the entire room while doing so. Unnecessary.)

The AirPort is a huge improvement over my old Netgear RT314 and WAP54G setup. I can actually multitask while one computer is, seemingly, saturating the pipe. Accessing the AirPort was fairly simple and straight forward, but gave much less control than I’m used to. That’s the point, I suppose, “it just works”. Sure it does

Added a second monitor. (Not a new monitor, just a new cable.) I’m using the single cord, Apple mini-display to HDMI cable. It works.


2 major complaints: The trackpad is great for browsing the web, and most mind numbing computer past times, but it was way behind the curve when I needed to do some photo editing in Gimp. It’s just too difficult to get the needed control and accuracy at a quick enough pace compared to a mouse. So a mouse addition is on the horizon, and it will probably be the magic mouse, even though I already bitched about it being a plastic piece of trash. (Hey, I want the full Apple experience.)

The RAM is getting upgraded. 2GB just isn’t cutting it, especially since I’m using the Mini as my primary box these days. Or, at least, I’m attempting to. (Seriously, being mostly in the cloud is making life easy across all these platform changes, but I also have three different web browsers running at any one time, in addition to whatever else is open. So we feel the need to upgrade for some speed improvements.)

My second monitor has a strange resolution that isn’t working properly in OS X, so too much of the screen is off the monitor’s display. And the picture is mushy. A fraking drag, to say the least. It works, sure, but it’s not working like it should. (This monitor works fine on my Windows 7 box, so don’t give me that nonsense.) I’m addicted to my two monitor setups, but I don’t see this setup going much further. I’ll go back to a single monitor setup until I can persuade myself to purchase a new monitor. Some day…

New Thoughts

It’s all about what I’ve expected so far, except for the monitor problems. And who knows, maybe that’s something to do with the cable I’m using, although I doubt it. (I know it’s not a “true” HDMI cable, on a technicality.)

The iPod Touch is still kind of a joke. We’ve put some games on it, but that’s about it. It’s a great second controller for my Sonos system, but nowhere near necessary. I’m not willing to give up on it yet, so we’ll keep at it. Maybe I’ll gift it to someone this holiday season. Happy JustinLL foreverness.



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