Microsoft’s Gates And Seinfeld Is Something To Talk About

by JustinLL on 12 September 2008

I’m not sure who exactly they’re aiming to target, and I don’t really care because it doesn’t change much for me one way or the other.  Still, there’s a ton of chatter coming across the line about the latest from Gates and Seinfeld.  I’m a fan of the two working together, and I’ve found the content to be more than mildly entertaining.  Still, not the point.

It’s not a very big secret, it’s no secret at all, when it comes to what computers/software people are using that it breaks down something like this:

  • Only fanfolk are using Apple
  • Only geeks are running Linux
  • Everyone else is using some version of Windows and Internet Explorer
    • 99% with default settings and outdated software like IE6

The problem with this is that the 99% in the everyone else group isn’t interested in what computer or operating system they’re using.  They just want it to work when it’s time to check the email or surf the web, right?  So why, in their minds, do they need a new whatever from whomever?  They don’t, and so they continue to use things like IE6, even though we have Chrome and Firefox 3.

Which is to say that no matter how cool, great, and awesome the next Microsoft products are or aren’t, they’re still going to be out there and that 99% isn’t going to jump on board.  It will have to be forced on them like the latest OS coming bundled with a new computer.

What Microsoft is doing with Gates and Seinfeld is giving all the people a chance to start talking about what’s happening in the tech world.  People, regular and tech junkies alike, are walking around saying “I don’t understand what’s going on.  What are they doing?”  The regular people know they should be paying attention because “whoa, two of the most accomplished guys in their respective fields on Earth” are appearing together in front of them .  Might mean it’s time to start paying attention.  Meanwhile, the tech junkies know they need to pay attention because Microsoft has the resources to change, for better or worse, the computer world as they know it.  Change is scary.  Commercials are fun.  But whatever the case, regular or junkie, they now have a common ground to start from thanks to Microsoft.

Talking is a good thing.  Talking about Gates and Seinfeld is a great thing for Microsoft.  But enough talking.  Check out the clip.

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