Vacationing Or Working, I’ll Decide

by JustinLL on 18 August 2008

So I’ve been out and about, away and such, for a almost eight days, and I’m just now returning to the home where I lay my head to rest peacefully most nights.  I probably should have given some advanced notice, but I didn’t make time before venturing off to Portland for a bit of birthday bashing and celebrating, then making my way to a family camping trip in the Crystal Basin Recreation Area of Northern California, and rounding it all out with a four-day, out-of-town seminar for work.  You could try to imagine the fatigue, and whatever else, I’m experiencing at the moment, but I’d suggest not worrying about that.  (I’ll do that for all of us.)  Do know, though, that I have returned and I’m fully committed to getting this writing stuff back on schedule.  So let us be to rest, and we’ll meet again Wednesday.


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