You Probably Can’t Tell

by JustinLL on 7 April 2008

I have a bike-less seat and a seat-less bike. Yes, those both make sense, and the piece I’m missing measures 28.6. (I’m thinking diameter in mm.) Nevertheless, once I removed the rack and basket from my orange beast I was able to ride in the cool night air. That’s right, it was cold last night. But nothing that a little drink couldn’t protect. Ha! That and a pair of jeans and a jacket.

For some reason this seems like one of the longest weekends in a while. I think we’re on week 16 of the year. I think that.

I haven’t been to the market in 2 weeks, so as soon as I finish here I’m going there to buy food. The rest of you need to return my phone calls. I’m not interested in broken parts or dead batteries.

And there we have it.

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